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Using nvidia Jetson for the first time

So this is the nvidia Jetson TX1 development board that our robotics team received recently.  Going to record my experiences with it.  First things first:
  • I plugged in a keyboard and mouse (you'll need either a usb splitter or a wireless combo as there is only one usb port).  
  • HDMI for the monitor
  • I chose to go with my Ethernet cable initially.
  • Power - note there are four buttons on the top right of the picture.  The button closest to the middle of the board is the power button.
  • When you power on you get a series of 3 steps to type to get configured.  I typed them in and then rebooted when told to.  Then Ubuntu (a Linux operating system) came up - ubuntu is the default username and password.
  • Right now, I'm exploring the default programs that are on the machine.  I'm actually typing this on the nvidia!
  • Time to start reading:
  • Hmm - I could laser cut a case for it!