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Robot design from FRC Ontario Championships 2017


Use Cooper Air Seal Cat# 18415-3 putty around electrical connections - keeps them securely fastened, prevents corrosion and is easy to remove if required.


2056 shooting mechanism
2056 had an amazing shooter.  They used 775 pro motor with a 3:1 gear reduction. They used 1/16" lexan and zip tied it to a frame to get the curve they wanted to accomplish.  It was covered with a sticky material that prevented the balls from sliding around which increased their accuracy.  This type of ball used very little compression (foam balls tend to require lots of compression.  The conveyor system for loading and moving balls to shooter uses a tubing system instead of belts. Cut the tubes to size then weld them together with heat. The tubing went around axles that had notches turned in them.  I believe they were polyurethane wheels from McMaster-Carr