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Raspberry Pi

  • Make sure that the Raspberry pi is only drawing 5 volts max - any more and the pi will burn.
  • Username: pi, Password: Raspberry is the default when logging on.  startx will open the graphic interface
  • is how you can set up your usb camera.  If you need to check if it works open a terminal window and type in 

fswebcam image.jpg
  • See if the image is saved, if it is then the camera work!

Open CV

Ran into a problem - the SD card that comes with the Raspberry pi is only 4 GB, but Linux takes up most of that space so I ran out of space when trying to install.  I had to install Raspberry Pi on a 32 GB SD Card.  New problem arose, only 4GB was showing.  Steve Robillard posted these easy to follow steps to resize the partition on  Back to the install!

Another issue that cropped up was when I tried to run the cmake command.  Turns out it isn't installed by default so I had to run the following:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install cmake

So here I am, waiting for OpenCV to finish installing - it is at 18%.