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Arduino resources from Alec

This link says what specs your charger needs to charge an Arduino (basically, 9v or 12v is good. Our big batteries are 12v).

This appears to be the correct connector to connect an Arduino to the PDP from FIRST:

Here's a guide on how to hook up a 2.4ghz receiver to an Arduino:

And here's some cool, super cheap Arduino stuff I found that looked interesting:

-stepper motor controller for $2

-4 motor, motor controller for $3 

-a Chinese version of the Arduino board for $6.55 that's compatible with Arduino IDE and all Arduino accessories: 

-a Chinese version of the Arduino Mega board for $14:

-a kit to build an Arduino-powerd toy car for $20, including a body, wheels, battery holder and motors:

A lot of the teams at Skills used parts by a brand called Pololu. They specialize in sensors, controllers and motors for small robots. Doug's friends from the Toronto Catholic school board actually had a drivers' station designed by Pololu running on their Ubuntu laptop.


running GRIP on an x86 computer, onboard our robots for FIRST, this looks like it might be the perfect solution:

It's tiny, relatively cheap (compared to anything else x86), and ships from Canada as far as I can tell. I haven't shopped around for the best price, I just saw this one pop up on RobotShop.