ICS4C Unit 2 16/17

Unit 2 Life after high school/Impact of technology

By the end of this unit you will have:
  • Researched and created a webpage reporting about careers in the field of information systems and computer science
  • Researched and added to your webpage information about certification
  • Picked a topic and signed out a book for an emerging technologies project


There are many options after high school.  For this unit you will research potential careers in computer programming and create a webpage that reports your findings.  Here are your tasks:
  • Go to https://www.monster.ca/jobs/q-software-developer-jobs.aspx and find three jobs related to software development or computer programming
  • Research the following questions - you will record this information on a webpage called Unit 2 on your website:
    • Take a picture (use the snipping tool) of the job ad and include it on your webpage
    • Report on the following
      • duties
      • responsibilities
      • qualifications
      • compensation
    • Explain whether this is a job that interests you


Explore some of the certifications available in computer programming and IT ( https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/browse-all-certifications.aspx?technology=Web%20applications and http://certification.googleapps.com/#/ ) are starting points.  On your unit 2 webpage:
  • Identify one certification and explain the following
    • What do you need to complete the certification
    • What is the cost to get certified
    • What are the benefits of certification
When applying for a job as a website developer there are people that think certification does not help - what other strategies could you use to get a job as a website developer?

Assessment of Learning

Knowledge: webpage contains answers to all the questions.  Webpage demonstrates that you used a variety of resources to gather the information.  
Thinking: It is easy to determine your sources of information.  The webpage layout is structured so it is easy to read all the information.
Communication: A grade 12 student could use your page to determine all the relevant information for the careers you selected.  Spelling and grammar skills are evident.  Headings are used to easily highlight information.

Emerging Technologies
In unit 5 we will be researching emerging technologies.  You will be creating a presentation to educate younger students on your topic.  Your task is to see if there is a book related to an emerging technology for a source for your project.

Potential Books