ICS3C Unit 2 16/17

Unit 2 Life after high school/Impact of technology

By the end of this unit you will have:
  • Researched and created a webpage reporting about a postsecondary educa­tional program that would lead to a career in the field of information systems and computer science
  • Described the Essential Skills and work habits that are important for success in Computer Studies
  • Picked a topic and signed out a book for their Impact of Technology project
  • Created a program that calculates the cost and benefit of going to college.

Postsecondary Education

There are many options after high school.  For this unit you will research a college program and create a webpage that reports your findings.  Here are your tasks:
  • Pick a program from this list.  No two students are allowed to pick the same program at the same college.  
  • Research the following questions - you will record this information on a webpage called Unit 2 on your website:
    • Name of Program and Program Code
    • Name of College
    • Location of College (in Google maps you can share and embed the html code to include your map)
    • Courses you need to get into the program
    • Other requirements to get into the program (i.e. marks, portfolio)
    • Length of the program (how many terms, how many terms in a year)
    • List of required (mandatory) courses
    • Are there co-op opportunities?
    • Tuition fees (include other fees that are required i.e. activity fees)
    • Potential careers (look for alumni profiles)
    • Is there a residence at the college?
    • If there is a residence - what are the fees (and meal plan fees)
    • If there is no residence - find an apartment in the city near the university, take a picture using the snipping tool of the ad for your webpage.  What is the cost?  Also, calculate the cost of meals based on what you eat in a typical day and how much it would cost at the store.
    • Find a job posting in the city that is appropriate for a student - what is the job? ( http://www.monster.ca/ might be useful)  what is the salary or wage?
    • You do not need to include this on your website but take the time to run the OSAP Aid Estimator
In addition you will create a program that does the following:
  • Uses variables to store the various costs and incomes from your research above
  • Use calculations to determine the total cost for one year of schooling (keep in mind some of your costs will be based on different rates such as monthly, by semester, yearly etc.)
  • Output the total cost of one year of schooling (if Arduino use Serial output).
  • Use calculations to determine the number of hours required to work to pay for one year of schooling using the job you found.
  • Output the number of hours required to work

Assessment of Learning

Knowledge: webpage contains answers to all the questions.  Webpage demonstrates that you used Ontario Colleges.ca and the college website to gather the information.  Other sites (i.e. monster.ca) were used appropriately.
Thinking: It is easy to determine your sources of information.  The webpage layout is structured so it is easy to read all the information.
Communication: A grade 11 student could use your page to determine all the relevant information for the program.  Spelling and grammar skills are evident.  Headings are used to easily highlight information.
Application: Your program functions as required.

Impact of Technology

In unit 5 we will be researching the impact of technology.  You will be creating an infographic or comic strip to educate younger students on your topic.  For your project 80% of your mark will be based on your resources and notes.  In today's "alternative fact" world it is more important than ever to use a variety of types of sources.  A book goes through a rigorous process to ensure all the information is accurate - I've helped my father as he published two books and can attest to the process!.  Your task is to find a book that you will read before unit 5 for a source for your project.

Potential Topics

Electronic Waste 
Increased use of electricity due to electronic devices 
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 
Radiation of Cell phones 
Video game addiction 
Cyber bullying 
Digital Footprints

Potential Books

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