ICS3C Unit 1

February 22, 2017

Work on the W3 Schools JavaScript tutorials.
For this unit we will learn basic programming skills as we explore four different programming languages.

Week 1 TouchDevelop

Week 2 App Inventor

Feb 14, 2017

Week 3 JavaScript

Displaying output using JavaScript

Week 4 Arduino


Your summative will be a website that contains a number of elements.  Here are the components we will be covering in week 1.
  • Create a website on neocities.org
  • There should be an index page and a unit 1 page
  • Index should have h1 heading, a link to unit 1 page
  • Unit 1 page should include definitions and examples of:
    • computer coordinate system
    • conditionals
    • events
    • functions
    • functions and parameters
    • loop
    • objects
    • properties
    • syntax
    • variables

Summative - Week 2

Read the following article and on your user 1 page add the following items. Make sure to explain these items!
Click to read the article (note the images use a previous version of App Inventor - they will look slightly different from what we will be using).
  • Components
  • Behaviour
  • Event Handlers
  • Event Types
  • App Inventor conditional blocks
  • App inventor repeat blocks
  • Variables vs. persistant data


Take some time this week and tidy up your page.  Work on the following:
  • HTML tags should be nested properly (i.e. <p> to start a paragraph followed by </p> to end the paragraph) and indented so that it is easy to read.  
    Tip:  Notepad++ is a great editor to use for html - it has a plugin called XML Tools that you can use to automatically indent your html!
  • Update your CSS so you use fonts and colours effectively - is it easy to read and pleasing to the adult eye (I'm your audience and I hate reading text on a neon background).