ICS3C/4C 2016/2017


  • You will be able to create a variety of programs using variables, control structures and simple algorithms.
  • You will use a variety of problem-solving strategies to solve problems and follow the software development life-cycle model to create software.
  • You will demonstrate understanding of the different types of computer components and use file maintenance practices.
  • You will describe ways to reduce the negative impact of technology, safe computing practices and emerging technologies. 
  • You will describe postsecondary education and career prospects in technology.


  • You will be able to create a variety of programs that incorporate Object Oriented programming concepts.
  • You will design software with graphical user interfaces that meet user requirements.
  • You will use project management tools to complete a project.
  • You will investigate emerging computer technologies and understand the ethical issues related to using computers.
  • You will report on career opportunities in software development or a computer related field.


Each unit has a summative assignment due on the last day of the unit.  Summative assignments are to be handed into Google Classroom.  All other assignments are to be stored in Google Drive in a folder labelled ICS3CYourName (or ICS4C for the grade 12 class) that is shared with Mr. McTavish.

Slideshows from Lessons