Unit 5 - Impact of Technology

Unit 5 Impact of Technology Project – ICS3C/4C

May 3, 3016

Assessment of Learning

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The ability to learn on your own is an important skill. For this unit you are going to do the following:

  1. Find quality sources that relate to the theme - the impact of technology.
  2. Pick a topic and make research notes using a variety of types of sources.
  3. Create a Works Cited list of your sources using EasyBib that is properly formatted (either MLA or APA).
  4. Use your notes to create a finished product - this could be a letter to make a difference, a poster to educate your fellow students, a presentation to students or another class.

Step 1: Presearch April 19 And 20

Look through the list of topics. Sign out a book from the ICS3C Research Project list of books. Look through the Canadian Points of View online database. What topic interests you? What looks like there are lots of resources available?

Potential Topics

Electronic Waste
Increased use of electricity due to electronic devices
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Radiation of Cell phones
Video game addiction
Cyber bullying
Digital Footprints

Action: Sign out a book from the list. What book are you using?


ICS3C Research Project list of books