Unit 4 - JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages in use.
We will use the following tools:
  • Code Academy - lessons that teach Javascript 
  • Notepad++ - text editor that is really good for editing Javascript, HTML that you can install at home for free.
  • Laragon - this isn't need but you can install a webserver on your home computer or on a USB stick, great way to practice
  • LiveWeave - great site to write html, JavaScript and CSS right in the browser!
  • JSFiddle - allows you to test Javascript code right in the browser.
  • W3 Schools - great resource for learning Javascript

April 13

Here is the complete code for a functioning video game.  Take some time to look through it - there will be new things but also things you've seen before.  Try modifying the code - what do you notice happens?  

April 12

April 11

Apr 04 ICS3C/4C

April 6

April 5

April 4, 2016 - update your website

  • write a comment
  • Expain what numbers and strings are
  • find the length of a string
  • explain what booleans are
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