Unit 3 - Arduino

For Arduino’s you will be working in groups. The first project we will all do together and then the groups will work through each project. You are expected to create a Unit 3 page on your website and for each project upload a picture of your completed circuit and upload the code.


March 31

In your groups you need to go to Google Classroom and complete the Unit 3 summative by April 1, 2016


Make sure Arduino is disconnected from USB and electrical when swapping components.

Always use a 220 Ohm resistor with LED lights

Never touch a temperature sensor (they get hot!)

Safety glasses are a simple way to protect your vision

Days 2 – 6

Each day your group will pick a different activity. You are to complete the activity, photograph your completed circuit and update your unit 3 website with the photograph and your code. On your website record the problems and solutions you had so that you can troubleshoot future projects.

Day 1