Unit 2 - App Inventor

At what point is a cell phone a computer? In this unit we will be making apps with App Inventor!

Use your TLDSB e-mail account to login: http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/

  • March 8 – End of Unit 2


  • March 7

    We are spending the day working on the Cost of College app – make sure to complete the research and plans first!

  • App Inventor Multiple Screens

    For the end of unit projects a few students were asking about multiple screens. Here is one way to do it.


    There is an Add Screen button in the Designer view – I added a screen and named it Georgian.


    On Screen 1 I have a ListPicker called ListPicker1 (I expect better names!). The ElementsFromString property has Georgian,Algonquin in it (the two colleges I was using in my project).


    In Blocks for Screen1 I picked the ListPicker1 object and selected the AfterPicking event. Then an if statement where I compared what they had selected with the text Georgian. The Control blocks has a block called open another screen where you need to pass the parameter screenName (in this case “Georgian”).

    Note, I could use a button and do this, but this is an easy way to meet some of the requirements for the task!


    On the Georgian screen I added a button (please use a better name than Buton1) and in the blocks I chose close screen from the control blocks – this returns the app to Screen1.

  • Unit 2 summative

    Just a reminder that the unit 2 summative is posted in Google classroom. Due to snow days the due date will be pushed back to Tuesday.

  • Feb 24 Mole mash

    Start by updating your website.

    Download the mole for your game

    Download the mole for your game

    Mole Mash Tutorial

  • Feb 22 – Unit 2

    Big Idea:

    • We will discuss what is a computer
    • We will create our first cell phone app

    Minds On:

    • What is a computer? What are the parts of a computer?


    We are going to work through the Hello Purr app together

    Right click and save this image - you will use it

    Right click and save this image – you will use it

    Right click and save this sound file – you will use it.



    What is the difference between Timer based programming and Event based programming?

  • Prepare for Unit 2

    In class we will be making apps for Android devices. Most of the work will be done on the computers in class but the apps will need to be tested on Android devices. You are welcome to bring your own devices as we will have the share the class devices. To prepare you need to install the App Inventor companion:

    Download the App Inventor Companion

    You will also need to know how to login to the TLDSB Guest wifi network.


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