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Redirecting input/output

I love using the University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Competition problems in my class.  Over the years I've fine-tuned how to mark them to make life easier.  Here are my strategies - hopefully you will find this useful!
  1. I've downloaded all the test input and test output files.  There is a folder per year.  Files use the naming convention from the website (i.e. and s1.1.out would be the first test for s1).  (I wrote a program to download the files automatically - saves me from manually clicking on each link).
  2. I redirect the input/output.  In Python I simply copy and paste this code at the beginning of each student file:
    Python redirect
    For C# I add this code:
    C Sharp Redirect

  3. Students hand in their files in Google Classroom - I just copy and paste their code into my tomark file underneath the code from above and run.  Works like a charm!
I have thought about creating a program that can loop through the test files, run the program, compare the output to the expected output and generate a list of correct/incorrect results.  Problem is I want to actually read through the code to see their thought process.
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