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Reading Ladders

A book isn’t rigorous if students aren’t reading it (Denby, 2016)

In Lit Up there is a chapter that talks about the use of reading ladders in an English class. I’ve loved this concept and need to do a better job of implementing it. It’s a fairly simple concept – ensure students are reading books they are interested in (independent choices). After they finish a book the teacher then works with them to build on that choice. Ideally they would progress to books that are more challenging.
In this class they have a clipboard reading log – every week students record what they are reading and what page they are at. One of the benefits that they mention is that teachers get to know their students much better.
I’ve ordered the Penny Kittle book that was mentioned and am going to delve into Richard Allington’s research.
FYI – Ontario teachers, you can sign out Penny Kittle’s book at the Margaret Wilson library – no cost and they ship it to your door! They also have Richard Allington’s books! You just need your Ontario College of Teachers information.

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